Phat Broad aka Paula Anderson



Paula AndersonCanadian Artist...  Phat Broad aka Paula Anderson is a self-taught, mixed-media artist who enjoys the use of products and mediums that allow her to create artwork that is both texturally complex, and integrated with an ever-changing palate of colour.  

After starting out doodling with pen and ink, and not generating any drawings in over 30 years, Paula decided to try something new and put her brush to canvas for the Art à la Carte charity and created two paintings using mixed media (pastels, acrylic and watercolour). 

“It was for such an amazing cause, and the thought of being a part of transforming sterile hospital rooms and treatment centres into areas of greater comfort, was what gave me the gumption to take up a paintbrush and create something happy.”

All of Phat Broad's paintings have "written" messages underneath the layers of paint.  Messages of hope, love, faith, healing and success.    


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