Spend Time in the Wilderness for Your Art? Check out the Environmental Fireplace

If you travel the wilderness in search of that perfect scene to paint, to capture that "shot" of a lifetime, or just to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, you should check out Churchill Rivers Canoe Outfitters Exclusive Environmental Fireplace.

Bill Mason was a Canadian naturalist, author, artist, film maker, and conservationist, noted primarily for his popular canoeing books, films, and art as well as his documentaries on wolves

The idea for the Environmental Fireplace came from Bill. He gave the idea to Ric Driediger owner of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters located in Missinipe, SK, Canada. Ric spent years developing, testing and refining the concept. The result is a portable, lightweight folding firebox, which burns fuel much more efficiently and economically than a traditional camp fire, or other camp fire stoves.

This folding fireplace is ideal for the environmentally conscious canoeist. The Environmental Fireplace is made with a false bottom, which helps to keep it from warping and keeps the bottom from burning through. The false bottom also helps in insulate the ground from fire. When this fireplace is placed on some rocks it will not leave a scar, even if your fire is situated in thick moss. When boiling a pot of water, the fireplace requires half the wood of an open fire. Because the heat is so much more contained, even damp or poor firewood will burn. It is truly an Environmental Fireplace.

Our C.R.C.O. Environmental Fireplace is available in four sizes: small, medium, medium/long,and large. It comes complete with a durable nylon protective sleeve, and folds down into an easily transportable size.


  • lightweight 
  • easily folds down into a protective case (included) for easy transport 
  • environmentally sound 
  • will not leave a scar 
  • uses half the wood of a traditional open fire 
  • super efficient - concentrated heat flow allows it to easily burn damp or poor firewood 
  • false bottom prevents warping and provides insulation (no scarring to ground below)


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