Many Yesterdays
  • Many Yesterdays
  • Many Yesterdays

Many Yesterdays

Over the years and the many decades, how many souls has this magnificent arbor soothed and how many things has it witnessed. 

For some reason, I have always been attracted to the beauty and magnificence of trees......Zane Hrynewich

Taken near Shelly Beach in Manly, Australia

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Custom-Printed Limited Edition Print

Size: 13 x 19" (Image Size: 10.9 x 16.5") - ready for framing

Limited Edition: Limited to 50 - signed and numbered by Zane

Printed On: Printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper.

Printed on MOAB "Silkrock Metallic Silver" paper. 

Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 transforms an image into lifelike, almost 3D quality.
It is an ultra shiny, true metallic inkjet paper with a unique instant dry coating for jaw –dropping image reproduction. Slickrock Metallic Silver 300 adds unprecedented depth to an image featuring exceptional reflective shine never seen before. This metal-like surface produces images that jump off the paper and can be handled immediately after printing.

Noted photographer, educator, author (and Moab Master), Harold Davis says, "The prints are really unique. The closest thing I can think of is some high quality printing on aluminum I've seen, but the Slickrock Silver prints are more subtle and have greater tonal separation."

Unfortunately, the vibrant, spectacular qualities of this paper cannot be accurately captured by a camera. It has to be seen to be believed!

Custom-Printed Post Card
Size: 5" x 7""

Custom-Printed Retro Post Cards

Our 5" x 7" Post Cards are not mass-produced. Each is custom-printed on 300gsm Uktra Pearlescent Hi-White paper with the reverse side pre-printed as a traditional Retro Postcard.