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Forget about mantras and the lotus position and chanting. Just give me a fire under a star-lit night, next to a quiet, calm lake, with a loon crying in the distance. That is meditation!    
Mother Nature has always been my church......Zane Hrynewich

Forest House, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

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Custom-Printed Limited Edition Print

Size: 19 x 13" (Image Size: 17 x 9.8") - ready for framing

Limited Edition: Limited to 50 - signed and numbered by Zane

Printed On: Printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper.

Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper

Many  photographers list Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper as their favourite paper (or at least favourite photo black ink paper). There’s a good reason for this — this paper has an amazing thick substantial feel yet a nice soft glossy finish that makes photographs pop.

This paper is also one of Epson’s favorite as it has the prestigious distinction of being one of the Epson Signature Worthy™ papers. These papers are for those who insist on the highest quality papers that perform extremely well with today’s best inks.

Custom-Printed Post Card
Size: 5" x 7""

Custom-Printed Retro Post Cards

Our 5" x 7" Post Cards are not mass-produced. Each is custom-printed on 300gsm Uktra Pearlescent Hi-White paper with the reverse side pre-printed as a traditional Retro Postcard.