What I See

"Sometimes the planets just seem to align, and a hawk volunteers to pose for you right outside your living room window."

I don't consider myself to be a prolific wildlife photographer, but when I am in the wilderness, I take every opportunity afforded to me to capture Mother Nature's citizens of the forest. Often, this involves much trudging around in the woods and hours sitting, patiently waiting for a subject to cooperate. Getting one good shot can be a long, drawn-out process.

Imagine my surprise, when on one Sunday afternoon, I received a call from my daughter (who lives across the street from me), telling me that a hawk was sitting in a tree in front of my living room window. I grabbed my Nikon, doing my best to sneak my way into a position to grab a clear photo.

It turns out that I didn't have to sneak all that much. Mr. Hawk was oblivious to me, as he was just finishing a meal of "sparrow sushi". He really did not care about me or my camera. He was "Just Chillin'"! 

What I Hear