About Zane

Zane Hrynewich began his love affair with the photographic arts in the early 1970's. Armed with a Yashica Mat, Canon F1, and a darkroom he shared with his father, Zane loved to view the world through "black and white eyes", experimenting with various films, papers and techniques. He was so enthusiastic about it that he even hand-loaded film purchased in bulk and did his own developing and processing. Eventually, he added  Cibachrome colour processing to his pictorial bag of tricks.

Zane's primary source of income was generated through music. A classically-trained pianist, with a deep interest in jazz, he became a multi-keyboardist, began teaching, doing session work in recording studios, and performing regularly in night clubs and concert venues. Unfortunately, a severe arm injury forced Zane to leave his performance career. Although he was told  he would no longer be able to perform, Zane doggedly re-trained his arm to play well-enough to be able teaching. However, it has never been strong enough for him to resume public performance.

The injury, supporting a young and growing family, and the rising cost of photographic supplies factored into Zane's decision to sell his equipment and put his passion for taking pictures aside.

Zane continued his teaching career, while at the same time broadening his horizons in many ways. He spent close to two decades as a wilderness fishing guide; started "Walleye World Custom Rods", as a designer of high performance fishing rods; spent five summers as a professional angler; developed skills in graphic design, web development, Internet marketing and branding; started the Internet consultation firm, BIGEYE Productions; released ownership of BIGEYE Productions to his partner to launch CyberSlang Consulting, his own Internet design company; conceived, designed, built and ran the highly successful website, CanIndie, (now offline), which featured hundreds of Canadian Independent Recording Artists, streaming thousands of songs and attracting tens of thousands of individual users weekly; and began creating music in his own digital recording studio. 

Zane's passion for photography was re-ignited with the introduction of affordable digital DSLR's. His teaching and web development commitments restrict his shooting time to summertime, when he has time off. Zane shoots what he likes - things like textures, trees, objects that often aren't considered to be photogenic.

Zane's "photographic roots" in the darkroom play a large role in the way he addresses and presents his images. He oversees the "in-house" printing of all of his images on a variety of papers, including fibres, lustres, metallics and pearlescents.