What I See

"Evalisa liked to fill the evening air at Forest House with the strains of the only piece she seemed to know on her trusty banjo."

This photo was taken in the summer of 2012 at Forest House, in Saskatchewan's far north. The lady in the canoe is Evalisa, an amazing person, a magnificent chef, and an accomplished outdoor guide. She, my wife, Velda and myself spent a few days basking in the beauty and solitude that is Forest House.

Evalisa is a very centered, humble lady, who has accomplished things the rest of us can only dream of. For instance, over the course of two summers, she completed the monumental task of canoeing across Canada, from the west coast to the east. To her, it's not that big of a deal.

Through this photo, it was my desire to portray the essence of Evalisa - at one with Mother Nature, paddling on a quiet lake in the wilderness, at sunset. Logic would suggest my companion "Sound Scape" might be an ambient wash of gentle, soothing musical textures, mirroring the photo. Well, not in this case.

You see, Evalisa was also learning to play the banjo, and in the evening, the air at Forest House was filled with the strains of the only piece she seemed to know. To me, this was also the essence of Evalisa, so I attempted to pay homage to it through the music. I hope you enjoy both.    

What I Hear