Naomi's Wave

The Cast & Crew

Sue Leonard

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One of the most in-demand and recorded female vocalists on the West Coast. Over the past thirty years, Sue has performed and recorded with a stellar list of headliners. Sue toured the world with kd lang in support of "Ingenue" and "Absolute Torch and Twang"...... and has appeared on albums by kd lang, Bon Jovi, Billy Thompson, and many others.

Voted Canada's best vocalist by readers of the Canadian Music Scene, CCMA "Best Back up Band" in Canada two years running 89/90 (kd lang and the Reclines).

Sue has garnered seven international gold and platinum records. In addition, Sue placed in the top twelve for her song, "I Believe", in the We Are Listening international singer songwriter contest.

Sue and Zane met in 2011 via social media. They began working together, shortly thereafter, with Zane designing Sue's website and online store and featuring her music on CanIndie, his website supporting Canadian Independent Recording Artists. When Sue saw Zane's pictures of Forest House from his 2012 trip, she immediately expressed a desire to visit the lodge. When Zane told her the story of Naomi Heffler, and suggested they collaborate musically to pay tribute to her life, Sue agreed.

Zane Hrynewich

Zane Hrynewich lives in Saskatoon, Sk, with his wife, Velda, where he teaches piano in his home studio. Zane has also been involved in Internet Website Concept Design and Graphics since 1995, through his company, CyberSlang Consulting. Zane met Ric Driediger, owner of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters when he re-designed C.R.C.O.'s website. The two immediately hit it off.

In 2009, Zane and his wife, Velda traveled to Forest House as "test guests", when Ric, along with a group of partners purchased the eco-lodge. Zane gathered photographic and textual content to design a new website for Forest House.

Also in 2009, Zane started CanIndie, a website dedicated to promoting Canadian Independent Recording Artists. In addition, he started assembling the equipment to build a small, efficient digital recording studio. His inaugural recording projects included a collection of pieces entitled "Forest House Suite". All songs detailed experiences he and Velda had shared during their trip.

When Zane heard Naomi Heffler's story, he was moved and inspred by it. He had never met Naomi, but understood what a wonderful young lady she had to have been, based on the emotion and respect in Ric Driediger's voice as he detailed her story.

Zane and Velda returned to Forest House in 2012, and at the conclusion of this visit a conversation with Ric turned to the possibility of a musical project at Forest House. Thus, the Naomi Project was born.

Ric & Theresa Driediger

In the world of canoeing, Ric Driediger is a legend. He has spent over a quarter of a century as owner of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters, outfitting and arranging trips for avid canoeists across Canada's vast northern wilderness. He is famous for his knowledge of canoe routes across the north and his dedication to the preservation of our fragile waters and the Boreal Forest. People from all over the world have talked paddling with that "little guy with the fuzzy beard" inside the cute little C.R.C.O. office at Missinipe, Saskatchewan.

Theresa Driediger is a licensed psychologist in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Currently Ric,Theresa, and family winter in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Theresa spends much of her time in northern Alberta, where she works for Health Canada as a Community Mental Health Therapist. This involves counseling northern Alberta's Cree.

Theresa's love affair with anything connected to canoeing twigged an interest in cedar strip canoe construction. She began building canoes in 1981, and handcrafted nine works of art, before taking a break to devote time to her family. Theresa is planning to resume cedar strip canoe construction immediately after she completes a new shop, using post-and-beam construction.

Greg & Joanne Zinter

Greg & Joanne Zinter

Greg and Joanne Zinter reside in Edmonton, Alberta and are part of the Forest House ownership group. The couple was gracious enough to volunteer to host Sue and Zane for their stay at Forest House.

Greg is an engineer by trade. He has read virtually everything that has ever been written, is an avid and extremely knowledgeable music fan/musicologist, and has canoed/kayaked throughout the world. Greg has taught outdoor skills and paddling and is a devoted, passionate "foodie". Greg is comfortable in preparing many different styles of cuisine, his kitchen skills most definitely elevating our experience at Forest House.

Joanne Zinter is a warm, outgoing, "motherly" lady. She has travelled the world, studying in prestigious cooking schools with world-class. Her expertise in the culinary world led her to start Zinter Brown Taste Treats Inc. Her company has been producing a creative collection of gourmet food - condiments, antipasto, seasonings, and pepper jelly for over 20 years.

"I could have eaten Joanne's Antipasto Spread, Three Pepper Salsa Roja and Roasted Garlic and Onion Jamboree all day, every day (& almost did)!..... Zane Hrynewich"

Joanne spent much time in the kitchen, pampering us with simply amazing cuisine. Greg and Joanne were the perfect hosts in a perfect setting!

Dan Driediger

Dan Driediger

Dan Driediger is the son of proud parents, Ric and Theresa Driediger. Therefore, Dan grew up spending his summers in Missinipe, paddling, camping, and doing just about everything else he could in the outdoors. Dan currently spends his winters in Winnipeg, where he is studying Disaster Relief.

Dan's Likes:

Anything to do with paddling, girls who like anything to do with paddling, long walks on the beach, helping his parents, hanging out with really old musicians.

Dan's Dislikes:

Anything that doesn't have to do with paddling.

Dan was "Head Roadie" for the "Naomi Project". He was instrumental in loading and unloading the plane, portaging cases of heavy equipment into Forest House, paddling it down the lake and carrying it up the hill to the lodge. Dan also makes an excellent Barbecued Lake Trout and a mean jug of iced tea. His dry sense of humor was appreciated by all.

Nick Bergen

Nick Bergen

Nick Bergen is a close friend of Dan Driediger. Nick hails from Edmonton, Alberta and is rumored to be an accomplished cellist. He attends school with Dan in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nick spends his summers working at Churchill River Canoe Outfitters.

Nick's Likes:

Anything to do with paddling, girls who like anything to do with paddling, following Dan around, hanging out with really old musicians.

Nick's Dislikes:

Anything that doesn't have to do with paddling. Disco music.

Nick was "Assistant Head Roadie" for the "Naomi Project". He was invaluable at hauling, loading, carrying, toting, lifting, and moving. Nick also makes a very interesting curry.