What I See

My daughter, Tisha has always been a princess. As a toddler, she would dress up in her pink princess dress, and sit under my grand piano, playing with her princess toys, as I practiced. Whether she wants to admit it or not, this dedication to "Princessology" has stayed with her throughout life. 

A few years ago, Tisha journeyed to Australia for a holiday. When she returned, she gushed on about this country's beauty, charm and overall splendor. It was obvious Tisha had become smitten by the "Australia is Heaven on Earth" bug. To paraphrase her, "Mom, dad, to me, Australia is simply the most gorgeous place in the world! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to live there! But don't worry - I would never move there, because it's just too far away from the both of you!"

Those sentiments were short-lived. A few short months later, our little princess had moved to Manly, Australia and was living near the ocean in a story-book like setting, perfect for, (you guessed it)..... a princess. It was there that Tisha met her prince, a tall, dark Welshman, named Will and they decided to get married - not in Australia, but in magical, mystical Canmore, Alberta, a beautiful oasis kissed by the majestic Rocky Mountains.

"Through These Eyes" was written for Tisha and Will in December, 2010 as a surprise to be presented to them on their visit to Canada that Christmas. The music was written by me, with the melody and lyrics created and sung by a then sixteen-year-old student of mine, Gillian Pinder. Gillian is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I sent her a track on a Saturday, and we recorded it the following Monday. I had very little recording equipment. In fact, I had to go out and buy a vocal mic for the occasion. Also, a nasty flu bug had laid claim to my innards and Gill was buried in exams, so we recorded the track about 10 minutes. 

The wedding in the July, 2011, was spectacular! Our little princess and her prince became "one" on a bright, sunny day, in a breathtaking setting, joined by my family, Will's fantastic Welsh entourage, and our dearest friends - truly a fairy tale for the ages! 

What I Hear